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Lure Coursing is a fun game of chase that any dog can play! It provides both mental and physical stimulation dogs need and a well exercised dog is healthier and happier.  The sport of lure coursing is rapidly increasing in popularity, and once you’ve taken a look at this activity in action you will know why.  

Lucky Dogs builds equipment to bring this sport to more people on a more accessible scale.  Our equipment is tough, but it is not intended for full 600 Yard AKC pulls.  There is equipment out there for that, and it is some awesome engineering, but it is a bit pricey, bulky and heavy for your average enthusiast.  Our Equipment is on a scale intended for trainers, rescue groups, boarding facilities, festivals and personal enthusiasts to practice, train and entertain!

Our equipment is designed to meet our demanding needs.  Many of you have seen us as we run all over the country with our equipment and we require a machine that can run all day long, consistently and smoothly across all performance levels and never overheat no matter what the temperature.  Combine these requirements along with the same rigid standards applied to materials and hardware we selected for each component and Lucky Dogs Lure Coursing created a machine to be proud of. 

We give you "Reddy" The Machine. 

Lucky Dogs Lure Coursing manufactures both residential and commercial models of lure coursing systems so whether for your home, your business, or for fundraising, we have a model for your needs.  The variable speed control can accommodate any level of athleticism and the reversibility feature allows you to present a continuous challenge.  Our machines easily plug into any standard wall plug or generator and with a continuous loop system the fun never ends. 

All machines are made in America and contain all the field pulleys, string and field stakes needed to set up a typical course.

  • Continuous Loop System
  • Variable Speed Controller 
  • Reversible Direction
  • Built-In Cooling Fan With Thermal Overheat Protection
  • Milled from Solid Block Heavy Duty Plastics
  • Constructed With All Stainless-Steel Hardware and Fasteners
  • Runs on a standard 110V wall plug or generator, no batteries to lug around or recharge!
  • Includes Field Pulleys and  #250 Braided Dacron Line
  • One Year Warranty On Machine and Pulleys.

Please see below for more information on all our products!  Items shipping outside of the United States will be subject to additional shipping fees and possibly Tariff/Import/Brokerage fees.  Please call or e-mail for additional details for purchases outside the United States.

Video Of Reddy The Machine By Lucky Dogs Lure Coursing

Lucky Dogs Lure Coursing travels around the United States working with the same equipment that we manufacture and have now made available to the public.  Take a look at "Reddy The Machine" in the video to the left and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


Owners Manual

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader To view the Owners Manual provided .  If you cannot view the Owners Manual, please click here and install Adobe Acrobat Reader but watch out about the optional offers, you will need to un-check a few boxes if you do not want the other software they offer.  Adobe Acrobat Reader is free to download and use.

Reddy Owners Manual (pdf)