Reddy To The Rescue!

Help Those That Help Our Furry Friends!

Lucky Dogs Lure Coursing travels to pet festivals all over the US introducing people and their dogs to the exciting sport of Lure Coursing.  We are now proud to manufacture "Reddy", our own line of equipment including both Residential and Commercial Lure Coursing systems.

  Over the course of our travels we’ve worked with many terrific Rescue Organizations and seen all the great things they do for our furry friends.  In recognition of that work, and as a way to help further their various causes, 

Lucky Dogs Lure Coursing has developed the  Reddy to the Rescue Program.

Join Us!

Every On-line purchase of a Lucky Dogs Lure Coursing System on our website will generate a $100 donation to the Rescue organization of the purchasers choice.  Participating groups appear in a drop down box in the ordering process of all of our machines.  Lucky Dogs will send both the purchaser and the receiving organization recognition in the form of a Certificates of Thanks,  and the organization receives the funds!

Organizations must be a qualified, non-profit organization such as a 501(c)(3), in good standing to participate in the "Reddy to the Rescue" program.  To find out if your group qualifies, please feel free to contact us.  See the links below to our participating organizations, check them out, then make your choice.  

It’s That Easy....

Your Rescue, Your Choice.

Get Reddy to Make a Difference

Certificate of Thanks!

Lucky Dogs will send a "Certificate of Thanks" to both the recipient organization and the purchaser of the Lucky Dogs Lure Coursing Equipment.

Know of a Group This Could Help?

Are you a member of a Canine group that could benefit from this program?  Do you have a dog rescue that could benefit from this program?  Do you know a worthy cause that could use some passive fundraising?  Do you know a.........?  You get the idea.

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